Full Hauberk, Circa 1190

This commission is a going to be a full hauberk, with full, fitted sleeves, mufflers, integral coif, and knee length.  The customizations include extending and tapering the sleeves, adding the coif, and extending the length of the shirt.  Here you can see the sleeves are finished and the shirt hem has been lowered about 7 inches.  It will be knee length on the customer.

As of 5/9/2002 - Finished!

The hauberk is now complete.  I have added the deer skin flap behind the ventail, so as to protect the face from abrasion by the maille.  I have also added garters to the wrists, as well as the brow line of the coif.  The brow garter shown is not the one being sent with the hauberk - I did not want to punch holes in the garters as I will leave that to the customer to insure a perfect fit with only one hole.  Likewise I have not slit the palms as I am going to leave that to the preference of the customer as well.

ventail1_050902.jpg (168574 bytes) ventail2_050902.jpg (172662 bytes) ventail3_050902.jpg (169731 bytes) ventail4_050902.jpg (164312 bytes) ventail5_050902.jpg (178169 bytes)

ventail6_050902.jpg (175732 bytes) ventail7_050902.jpg (176178 bytes) ventail8_050902.jpg (170419 bytes) ventail9_050902.jpg (173168 bytes)

Above you can see various pictures showing the integral coif and the deer-skin lined ventail.  Note the large riveted ring to which the ventail is tied.

front1_050902.jpg (106122 bytes) front2_050902.jpg (101392 bytes) front3_050902.jpg (99997 bytes) front4_050902.jpg (103599 bytes) front5_050902.jpg (104300 bytes)

front6_050902.jpg (103411 bytes) front7_050902.jpg (99985 bytes) front8_050902.jpg (101896 bytes) front9_050902.jpg (102176 bytes)

Above are various frontal pictures of the finished hauberk.  The bottom hem is low on me, and the slit not as high on me, as the customer is taller than I am.

back1_050902.jpg (112157 bytes)
A view from behind.

hands1_050902.jpg (171894 bytes)
The deer-skin palms.  These are actually full deer-skin mittens, with the backs of the hands covered with maille.  

side1_050902.jpg (98978 bytes) side2_050902.jpg (101417 bytes)
A few side-shots.

pray1_050902.jpg (105562 bytes) knight_maille.jpg (35979 bytes)
History repeating itself... :)

As of 4/23/2002

I have now attached the coif the the hauberk.  It is now nearly complete.  All that remains is to tailor the face flap a bit and line it deer skin.  I will then add garters with period-appropriate buckles to the brow line, the wrists, and the face-flap.

hood_042302.jpg (171044 bytes) hauberk_042302.jpg (89534 bytes)

As of 2/5/2002

I have attached the mufflers to the hauberk.  The overall fit of the hauberk is a bit small for me, but the client is smaller than me as well, except for height, which is why the shirt is so long on me.  

I estimate the shirt has somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 rings at this point.  All that remains is to add the coif.  I've taken some pictures with my detached coif just to get an idea of what the finished hauberk will look like.

front_020502.jpg (99295 bytes) front3_020502.jpg (96247 bytes) front4_020502.jpg (96862 bytes) back_020502.jpg (98178 bytes)

sword2_020502.jpg (95446 bytes) full_020502.jpg (98384 bytes) full2_020502.jpg (98682 bytes) full3_020502.jpg (100229 bytes)

shirt_020502.jpg (131224 bytes) 

As of 2/4/2002

Here you can see the finished mittens that will be attached to this hauberk.  They are a bit small for my hands, as the client's hands are smaller than mine.  But I am very pleased with how they turned out.  The mittens have a deer skin base.  The hides were given to me by my father and this hide dates to 1965!  It is fantastic to work with and feels like butter.  The mitten is stiched together, and the maille stitched on, with waxed linen thread.

mittens.jpg (157980 bytes) mitten_maille.jpg (155714 bytes) mitten_maille2.jpg (160996 bytes) mitten_maille3.jpg (149567 bytes) 

back1.jpg (163526 bytes) palm.jpg (143135 bytes) side2.jpg (144860 bytes) pair.jpg (177329 bytes)

As of 1/20/2002

front_012002.jpg (100938 bytes) front2_012002.jpg (98878 bytes) side_012002.jpg (98466 bytes) back_012002.jpg (103074 bytes)
Click on any image to enlarge.

I took a couple more pictures while also wearing my coif to give an idea of what this hauberk will look like when finished:

front_wcoif_012002.jpg (100354 bytes) side_wcoif_012002.jpg (98937 bytes)
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